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The written word!

Posted by [email protected] on November 14, 2015 at 7:05 AM

Can someone please tell me when it became okay to use your words for harmful comments and non positive promotion of incident instead of positive influence? I really just started using Facebook back in March of this year and the comments I see the younger generation using with no regard to consequence is so disturbing, I am heartbroken! Where are the parents in this equation? If you have a young teen using Facebook or the computer in general, please take an affirmative action and check out what they are posting and make sure that the words that they are supplying would make you proud and not ashamed as this comes back to you and lets the world know that you dropped the ball. I know that the constant parental support takes time and is mentally exhausting, believe me I know! My youngest son is totally exhausting most of the time, but I love him and wish for him to be the best him he can be and not look back at what he has said and done and be ashamed of himself in Gods eyes! Lets stand together as parents and grandparents and make a stand on this as it is what is right, morally!

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