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Fairness in the World today

Posted by [email protected] on

I am going to tell you....where did fairness and free speech go?  Everyone preaches that those rights are stronger than ever but all I see is government control telling everyone what they think!  For anyone who has been mistreated by the system and took it like a true Christian....you know....forgive and forget...isn't that what we were taught?  Sure it was!  Forgiveness to those that treat you wrong.  I have lived by this my whole life and unfortunately along with this morality based format I have been severely walked on as well.  I am a very strong willed person who loves to speak her mind, but when it comes to a major battle, I usually just try to forgive!  I think that this way of living in general is probably a good philosophy, however, this political situation we have going on is just about to push me to a brink.  When someone steps up and voices their opinion and starts getting followers of other people with the same beliefs, all of a sudden, the government, people with power and money have decided to try and take him down.  I find this morally, politically and ethically corrupt.  Whether you agree with Donald Trump or disagree should be your choice, however, to attack him to the degree that is occuring is alarming!  I truly am wondering what is really going on with the government, which by the way, people....is US!  We are the government!  We pay the taxes, we are the ones that will be screwed if this should go wrong!  Now they are trying to remove delegates that he has won and give them to Cruz????  We need to join together and stand tall and fight back!  If there ever was a time, it is now!

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