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Heartfelt Traditions

Heartfelt Traditions creates beautiful hand rolled and hand painted stoneware proudly made in Mississippi

Artist Bio

Artist Bio

Hi, my name is Kim Ries, artist and owner of Heartfelt Traditions pottery.  I started this business back in 2004 creating unique Christmas ornaments that could be personalized so that all families could collect ornaments each year for each family member that reflected a special event that happened that year.  The thought was that when your children grew up and got married and started their own families that they could take those ornaments with them as a starter set for their new lives and new trees.  I wanted it to be a tradition that was handed down from family to family creating a most wonderful time when those families went to decorate the tree each year.  We have started back that tradition here and are creating very unique ornaments every year that can be personalized with a sharpie in your stores.  Once you let your customers know of this tradition each and every one of them will be wanting to create their own traditions and will come back each year to purchase their ornaments.

I also created a light weight yet very strong line of stoneware that is perfect for everyday use.  It is dishwasher and oven safe and still looks beautiful.  We are constantly updating and adding to the lines so feel free to check back often.

All of my designs are copyrighted and not available for personal or commercial use without written permission from me.

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