Heartfelt Traditions whimsical pottery line

Heartfelt Traditions

Heartfelt Traditions creates beautiful hand rolled and hand painted stoneware proudly made in Mississippi

Wholesale Guidelines

Wholesale Guidelines


  • Delivery charge will be 10% on any hand delivered orders and 15% on any orders shipping with a minimum shipping charge of $20.00
  • Any company may agree to pick up their merchandise with no additional charge included
  • All stores that would like to be exclusive must maintain a minimum of a $500.00 order every 3 months that must include a variety of products
  • If you have a discrepancy or are unhappy with the products, the procedure for handling the issue will be as follows:    Contact me and let me know of the issue.
                                          Allow us to correct the problem
                                          If a resolution can not be reached, return the merchandise and
                                          at that point a refund will be granted.
  • Any store seeking a refund instead of an exchange will be automatically removed from our listing as a supplier of our pottery.  We want to have a unique working relationship with all of our stores which will include a trust between the two.  We respect our stores and their owners and expect the same respect in return.



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